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Wireless Solutions forRestaurants & Bars

Service Bell

SE-RGS 200

Guest – Server
Wireless Calling System

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Sell more drinks & food and eliminate bill waiting time. Like a flight attendant button on planes. Service bell on table allows customer to contact server anytime. Guest presses bell and server is immediately paged on watch receiver. Outdoor solutions available.


Chef Bell

SE-RKS 200

Kitchen – Server
Wireless Calling System


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No more cold food served. Modern answer to a chef bell, alerts staff when orders are up. Kitchen presses bell that is synchronized to target server’s watch receiver. Recommended for up to 3 servers.


Chef Six Pack


Kitchen – Server
Wireless Calling System

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The Chef Six Pack is ideal for operations who need to contact up to 6 target servers and/or food runners individually or as a group. Kitchen simply presses the appropriate button beside name of server or section to indicate food is ready for that specific area or server.


Servizo Pager


Business – Client
Wireless Paging System

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Organize crowded reception areas instantly. Perfect solution to manage a busy reception, and for self-service restaurants & cafes. When ready, staff enters code and client receives vibration/beep pager alert.


All Weather


Guest – Server

Table Mount

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Premium technology for your outside areas.  Our ultra modern All Weather product  is 100% waterproof and can handle intense sunlight without fading. Bells can be programmed with watch receivers and a digital display for optimal managerial oversight.