Radisson Golden Sands Five Star Resort Launches Servizo Tech Across Poolside

One of Malta’s top five star resorts, Radisson Golden Sands, has chosen Servizo technology to solve its wireless calling requirements across its vast Lagoon and Blueberry poolside areas.  The area is challenging as its poolside stretches across more than 400 metres  incorporating well over 300 sunbeds, all requiring wireless calling buttons or transmitters for each guest to press, so they have instant service at their fingertips.  


In addition, Radisson have chosen our industrial purpose F&B wireless calling system, which includes a kitchen calling system where the chef can choose the exact section where the food needs to be delivered and the appropriate server or waiter is alerted to pick up the food for their section.  A similar bar calling system is being used, along with our premium all-weather table mount calling system (transmitter buttons), so guests seated at the poolside restaurant can request service on demand.


Rad GS photo2 Rad GS photo1 Rad GS photo3


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