Servizo was founded in 2015 and since then has become a leading innovator in the wireless service industry. Our 2 headquarters are based in Malta and since 2017 in Mauritius. We offer customized wireless solutions for a wide range of hospitality and service businesses. Our solutions are designed to improve operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, loyalty, and increase revenue. The ROI for investing in Servizo systems is delivered in a few weeks. 

We are proud to have installed our technology on four continents in many beautiful locations such as the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean, and South East Asia. Our customers include luxury resorts located on the most amazing beaches, prestigious US American Country & Golf Clubs, and top restaurants where service is expected to be immaculate. 

The unique Servizo Umbrella Bell is the only wireless bell with full protection against sun, salt, sand, heat, and even birds. It can withstand tropical showers as well as being exposed to rough weather conditions for weeks and months.
Guests love it because from their sunbed, cabana, or restaurant table they can summon a server with one touch. The server is immediately alerted on a Servizo watch and when used in conjunction with handheld POS devices the order is placed in seconds. The bartender or chef can alert the server via their watch when the order is ready. Not only do guests love the Servizo system, so does the hotelier or club/restaurant owner due to the significant increase in revenues. Servers love it as they can generate lots of more tips.  

As part of our offering, we provide full onsite technical maintenance to our customers and make sure that their investment is protected. Our technicians fly anywhere in the world to assist our customers and guarantee a perfectly working wireless calling system to connect their guests with their service staff. We have developed and set up a remote technical assistance concept that guarantees technical support within 24 hours to any place in the world. 

In times of COVID-19, our wireless calling technology is helping to manage social distancing and thus reducing the contact between guests and service staff to a minimum. The “new normal” behavior of interacting with your guests will be massively supported by offering a contactless technology to call for service and place an order. Our devices can be cleaned and disinfected very easily with standard cleaning products.