Servizo Bell

SE7 and SE101

Wireless Calling System

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A hi-tech version of the classic front desk bell. The service bell at the front desk allows the customer to contact a busy manager on demand. Guest presses bell and the manager is immediately paged on watch receiver up to 500m.



Servizo Pager


Front Desk – Guest
Wireless Paging System

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The perfect solution for early check-in guests.  If the room is not yet ready, no problem. The guest receives a compact pager and when ready staff enters code and the guest receives a vibration/beep pager alert.




Beach Club
Guest – Server
Umbrella Mount

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Sell more Pina Coladas, eliminate waiting time. Beach and pool areas can be challenging to service. Our Umbrella Bell is waterproof and can handle intense sunlight. Bells come with a mounting strap. Guest simply presses for service and a staff member’s watch receiver is instantly paged.