Hotel Front Desk Guest Pager – Early Check-in

When looking for ways to improve service when guests check-in early to your hotel or property, perhaps consider a guest paging system.  Its quite a straight forward technology, the system comes with a base and up to 16 individual pagers.  After the early check-in the guest is given a small pager that fits easily in their pocket, and has an assigned number. When the room is available the front desk simply inputs the unique pager number into the base keypad and a signal is sent which engages the pager to vibrate and/or beep alerting the guest instantly.


The systems are rated to work up to 1000 metres, however, it is important to know that there are many factors that can influence transmission range.  For example, materials used in the building’s construction, the number of vertical stories we need to reach, or if outside the weather conditions on any given day.  


As you can appreciate making these systems work to your needs requires experience and in some cases added technology so we strongly suggest you use an experienced solutions provider so you don’t get any surprises.


Below shows a recent solution to give you an idea of the system.


Pager Wireless Calling


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