Servizo technology now in the world famous Blue Elephant

We are proud to announce our partnership with Blue Elephant in the Hilton Portomaso, in Malta. All guests are now provided with Servizo wireless technology so that their dining experience is even further enhanced, well beyond their usual high standards. Our small transmitters are placed at every table, and when a guest has a question, request, or is simply looking to pay the bill, one click of a button instantly alerts the experienced Blue Elephant team members.


In addition to the guest tables we also use technology in the kitchen, so the chef can instantly alert servers when the food is ready. This means your food comes out of the kitchen hot and fresh.


Is this not Paradise for a restaurant patron?


It certainly is game changing for the hospitality industry, and Servizo is an industry leader. We design customized solutions for the industry depending on each client’s needs, which are always unique! We invite you to an evening of great food and technology innovation, at the Blue Elephant at the Hilton Portomaso.


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