Servizo wireless calling technology now at Pebbles Bar & Lido, at Malta’s premier Golden Sands beach

Servizo is proud to announce that as of today you can order chilled champagne or perhaps a refreshing cold beer, and a delicious meal at Pebbles Bar & Lido without moving from your sun chair.   Our world leading wireless calling technology makes its debut hitting Malta’s prominent beach destination, the breathtaking Golden Sands.  We invite you to join us at Pebbles for the most relaxing and picturesque experience in the country.  At the touch of a button now you will receive instant service, no more waiting around and waving your arms to find a server, Servizo technology takes a major leap into the modern world of service technology making your experience the best one possible, treating you like royalty as you deserve.


Pebbles TM

Merkanti Beach Club & Servizo celebrate a successful 2016 season!

Servizo is proud to be part of a successful 2016 season for the Merkanti Beach Club, operated by Hilton in the famous Portomaso marina area in Malta.  


In April, Servizo installed their Beach Club umbrella transmitters on nearly 200 sun umbrellas around the two pools of Merkanti Beach Club.  Guests enjoyed this Instant Service option, whereby they simply could press the smart bell on each umbrella and the server was paged in real time on their wrist receiver. Margaritas and burgers can be ordered instantly at the press of a button!


Additionally, our Chef Bell was used in the kitchen to alert food runners when food was ready, so hot food always served instantly from kitchen.


We look forward to another successful season in 2017!





Hilton Five Star Aqua Main Pool

Servizo is proud to be the provider of wireless technology to over 200 sun umbrellas across the spectacular Hilton Aqua poolside in beautiful Malta.  Guests can now press for service while relaxing in the sun, and allow Servizo technology to do all of the work.  Hilton’s friendly and efficient servers are available to assist all guests with their requests and will know exactly where you are in the vast pool area. Best of all, you won’t be waiting to flag down a server its now in real time using the latest technology.

This means you get your burger or margarita faster than ever using Servizo, and Hilton’s expert poolside team.


Green umbrella tight Green umbrella pool


Hotel Front Desk Guest Pager – Early Check-in

When looking for ways to improve service when guests check-in early to your hotel or property, perhaps consider a guest paging system.  Its quite a straight forward technology, the system comes with a base and up to 16 individual pagers.  After the early check-in the guest is given a small pager that fits easily in their pocket, and has an assigned number. When the room is available the front desk simply inputs the unique pager number into the base keypad and a signal is sent which engages the pager to vibrate and/or beep alerting the guest instantly.


The systems are rated to work up to 1000 metres, however, it is important to know that there are many factors that can influence transmission range.  For example, materials used in the building’s construction, the number of vertical stories we need to reach, or if outside the weather conditions on any given day.  


As you can appreciate making these systems work to your needs requires experience and in some cases added technology so we strongly suggest you use an experienced solutions provider so you don’t get any surprises.


Below shows a recent solution to give you an idea of the system.


Pager Wireless Calling


Servizo technology now in the world famous Blue Elephant

We are proud to announce our partnership with Blue Elephant in the Hilton Portomaso, in Malta. All guests are now provided with Servizo wireless technology so that their dining experience is even further enhanced, well beyond their usual high standards. Our small transmitters are placed at every table, and when a guest has a question, request, or is simply looking to pay the bill, one click of a button instantly alerts the experienced Blue Elephant team members.


In addition to the guest tables we also use technology in the kitchen, so the chef can instantly alert servers when the food is ready. This means your food comes out of the kitchen hot and fresh.


Is this not Paradise for a restaurant patron?


It certainly is game changing for the hospitality industry, and Servizo is an industry leader. We design customized solutions for the industry depending on each client’s needs, which are always unique! We invite you to an evening of great food and technology innovation, at the Blue Elephant at the Hilton Portomaso.